Headed by Dr Vidya Bandodkar, a Chemistry teacher with over twenty years of international teaching experience, Alpha has cultured a plethora of Chemistry resources from the Department of Education, as well as University sources, to provide one of the most comprehensive programs on the new 2018 syllabus. Specialised in integrating the latest teaching strategies within her programs, Dr Bandodkar has engineered the Chemistry program to revolve around a two-tier approach to ensuring students are prepared for their individual school assessments weeks before it occurs.

Theory Lessons 



Acknowledging the fact that Chemistry is not simply a subject that can be ‘rote learned’, theory lessons endeavour to equip, and assess, the skills developed by students in the early stages of the program. Students will be exposed to intensive content coverage in the early stages of the term, which grants tutors an ample amount of time to individually determine the ability for students to apply such skills to specially designed internal assessments that mimic the latest school assessment trends in Chemistry. It is through this approach that our current students have managed to reach the top of their cohort, the details of which are contained within our ‘Honour Roll’ page.



Although many students don’t realise it, practical assessments and data processing tasks can weight up to 25% of internal assessment tasks during the HSC. Additionally, whilst other tutors can only guess what schools will assess, it takes an experienced teacher to uncover the recent trends in such assessments, with a special emphasis on the technique needed on the day to maximise a student’s performance. As such, Alpha prides itself in deriving practical assessment preparation material directly from teachers currently teaching HSC Chemistry, enabling us to track trends in the dot points assessed across a range of differing schools. 

Junior Science


Designed to address the multiple possible course structures of Junior Science in schools such as Baulkham Hills High School, Cherrybrook Tech., The Kings School and many others, junior science classes are also available to allow your child to reach their maximum potential far before the senior years. This becomes especially important for children attempting to enrol in an accelerated science course within their school. For further details about pricing and discounts when packaged with other subjects, please send an enquiry through our home page!


Program Fees  

Senior Pricing: 

With classes taking place over the span of 1.5 hours a week at $400 per term, students will find that they not only benefit from the content taught in class, but also from the plethora of updated resources at their disposal. 

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