Here at Alpha, Economics is one of our flagship programs which often sees students reach the top of their cohort in school. Engineered by the tutor who came fourth in the state for HSC Economics, Alpha’s course revolves around a Three-tier system which relies upon the enthusiasm and rigour of students to maintain the culture of top ranks that our previous students have established.  


Accelerated Content Coverage


Transparency with students is one of our priorities here at Alpha, and hence, we urge students from day 1 of our Economics program that an ample amount of effort and time management skills will see students achieve the marks they desire in this subject. However, we don’t simply settle for ‘good enough’. Adopting a primary focus of pushing students to the top of their cohort, our Head tutors for Economics cover Preliminary content at an accelerated rate so as to commence Year 12 HSC content before the formal course at school has begun. Operating at this level of acceleration not only ensures students are pre-familiarised with content covered at school, but furthermore, assures we set aside weeks before assessment tasks to prepare for individual school assessments.

Complimentary Seminars and Real-life Updates 


Acknowledging that the world of Economics is always on the move, Alpha’s Head tutors for Economics make it a point to spend portions of every lesson updating students on the most recent events in the Economic world that pertain to their course. Holding frequent seminars outside of normal class hours during the year, our tutors will break down key economic events (such as the annual Budget), which often forms a large component of internal school assessments. Through teaching outside the scope of the school syllabus, we endeavour to uphold our culture of making students noticed by their teacher, and consequently, climbing to the top of their course.

Exam Structural Technique Programs


Capitalising upon our ability to accelerate students, Alpha ensures that all students finish relevant course content at least one month prior to an upcoming assessment task. In the build-up to an exam, students receive individualised feedback on how to structure their responses, with a particular emphasis on Essay writing and the ability to apply known concepts to more abstract questions. Here at Alpha, we pride ourselves in frequently predicting questions in upcoming exams, and being able to help students on their individual assessments tasks. Students also have access to 24/7 online marking services at no extra cost, all of which culminates in students being at the top of their game both in and out of the classroom.

Program Fees 

YEAR 11 

Year 11 Economics classes take place in the format of a 1 hour weekly session, with fees amounting to just $30 per session, inclusive of all complimentary seminars and online marking services.

YEAR 12 

Year 12 Economics classes take place in the format of a 1.5 hour weekly session, with fees amount to $40 per session. With HSC rates amounting to just $26.66 per hour, we guarantee your child will receive their money’s worth with us.

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