Here at Alpha, we’ve ripped apart the English syllabus from Years 7-10 to design a six year framework that engrains elements of essay structuring and literary analysis of the highest degree. All our English tutors possess either a state rank in HSC English and/or a 99.95 ATAR. Our tutors believe that consistent practise serves as the key to success, and have undergone training with the English Teacher’s Association of New South Wales to ensure that what we teach you parallels that taught in the classroom. In order to ensure our students are comfortable with what we’ve prepared together, our program adopts a three-tier structure across all years to instil a culture of work ethic and heightened aptitude amongst all our students:

Theory lessons


Students will attend theory lessons on alternating weeks, wherein they will be work their way through different modules designed by state ranker Ashvin Bandodkar (15th in the State for English Advanced), endeavoured at honing students’ essay writing skills and literary analysis ability from the beginning of Year 7. Launching our Year 7 program in 2017, we have seen 95% of our Junior students achieve a rank of 1st in their grade for English. For a comprehensive insight into our syllabus for Years 7-10, send an enquiry in today! Senior students have access to the same comprehensive level of theoretical sessions, with tutors having all trained for the new HSC syllabus, equipped with a plethora of resources on related texts and internal assessments to ensure your child is best prepared for their upcoming assessment task. Our rationale lies with ensuring your child has their assessment prepared weeks before the due date, to ensure plenty of time to practise adapting to different questions.

Consultation lessons


Priding ourselves in upholding an impeccable sense of personalised service, students will undergo consultation lessons every second week of their fortnightly rotation, wherein they will be privately pulled aside by their tutor to track individual progress and prepare for individual school assessments. Preliminary and HSC students will often have access to additional seminars breaking down individual school assessments, and receiving personalised advice that draws upon our years of experience tailoring to English students in the Hills District.

Online Marking Services 


The crown jewel of our English package revolves around the 24/7 online marking services students have at their disposal. Tutors at Alpha refute the belief that students and parents must wait until class to go over work, and hence, all Alpha students have consistent access to unlimited online submissions, wherein we provide comprehensive line-by-line feedback to mould our students’ individual ideas in the most effective manner possible. With only the best in mind for our students, we strongly advocate consistent submissions so as to ensure our students are prepped for assessments weeks in advance

Program Fees 

With our English programs costing a mere $300 per term across all years, we can confidently claim that your access to state ranking tutors, online-marking services and recent internal assessments make this English program the best value for money in the entire state. With a free trial lesson available for all Alpha students, why not sign up for a lesson today?

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